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Harmony in Cleveland is Key

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks has an article on the Cleveland Browns today titled "Camp Harmony: For once, Browns enter season with no distractions". The controversy, distraction, and misfortune factors of years' past are gone...for good. That creates harmony in camp, something that was apparently very important to wide receiver Braylon Edwards:

"I was on the verge of not wanting to play here any more, dealing with the fans, and not winning, I was like, 'All right, I'll get through with my contract and I'll see what happens.' But now we're on the verge of something special. We had a good year last year, and this is definitely a football town, and it's turning back around. This is a fun place to play when you're winning.''

-Browns WR Braylon Edwards

The rest of the article continues to be upbeat -- check it out for another emotional lift, especially if you're heading to Family Fun Night at the stadium later on.