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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 18 - Edwards Sidelined



On Day 18 of training camp, the Browns' first official practice since this past Tuesday, WR Braylon Edwards was sidelined for a portion of practice after an incident most fans have already deemed as "idiotic". So that you're not about to have too much of a heart attack if this story is "new" to you, Edwards returned to practice after the incident, so don't panic.

According to the Plain Dealer, Edwards and several other receivers were doing a casual run at some point during practice. For whatever reason, Edwards decided to take his shoes off during the run. In their competitive spirits, Edwards and Donte Stallworth were "jockeying for the lead in a mock race" when Stallworth's spiked shoe came down on Edwards' right heel. As you can tell from the Plain Dealer's photo above, Edwards was cut significantly enough to be taken away on the medical cart for treatment.

Keep the shoes on, next time.

Beyond that, there's not a whole lot to report from today's training camp session, so the notes section will be very brief:


  1. Baxter's Gone: Olympians train ridiculously hard to master the events they are competing for. DB Gary Baxter had that same dedication in his pursuit to return to the Cleveland Browns, but his journey came to an end today when he was released by the team. He hasn't retired yet though, so playing elsewhere this season isn't out of the question once/if he heels.
  2. Workouts: Who will take Baxter's roster spot? Tony Grossi is reporting that the team worked out a couple of safeties behind closed doors, so don't be surprised if a signing is announced tomorrow -- I'd bank on it being a low-key name though.
  3. Camp Schedule Changes: If you're planning on attending a training camp session still this year, some changes were announced today. This Monday's practice will now be open to the media only, so fans will be turned away if they try to attend. Also, this Thursday's and this Saturday's dates have been changed from two-a-days to one-a-days. Both days will now only have an afternoon session from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.
  4. Healthy TE's: It was great to hear that Kellen Winslow and Steve Heiden were back on the field, at least in some capacity. Also returning was FB Lawrence Vickers.
  5. Sitting Out: The players missing from practice included WR Kevin Kasper, OT Cliff Louis, and OG Seth McKinney. Kasper still has a lot of time before the Monday Nighter, so if he returns to practice soon, there's a chance he could still get back in the hunt for the No. 3 receiver role.

Your link collection for the information above:

With playoff hopes, team couldn't wait for Baxter (Cleveland Plain Dealer, Grossi)

Training camp log: Day 18 (Cleveland Plain Dealer, Grossi)

The team has two practice sessions scheduled for Sunday, where some of their gameplan for their upcoming game against the New York Giants could be on display.