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Browns Training Camp Report - Day 19 (Rain Arrives)

It's been a busy week weather-wise for the Browns already. Originally scheduled to have two public practice sessions on Sunday, a downpour forced the team to practice inside for the evening session for the first time this year in training camp. With Monday's practice closed to the public, Tuesday will be the final two-a-day of camp.

The troops were still busy Sunday morning though, but without Mr. Braylon Edwards:


  1. Edwards Out Two Weeks: At the moment, it looks like Edwards' silly running without shoes is going to cost him two weeks of practice, including the next two preseason games. After all -- how can you run comfortably when you've got a bunch of stitches on your heel? Worse than him being out is the fact that he had to have a procedure -- albeit a small one -- performed at the Cleveland Clinic.
  2. More Reps: With Edwards and Kevin Kasper out, that means even more reps for the other receivers on the depth chart.
  3. WR Struggling: According to one of the fans from the smallest crowd in attendance in Berea this season, things didn't look good for Efrem Hill and Paul Hubbard. Hill struggled with pretty much everything, while Hubbard did exactly what he did against the Jets: make one great catch, but then have a miscue on everything else. Gee: Sounds an awful lot like Travis Wilson his first two years, doesn't it?
  4. WR Seize: By seize, I mean seizing the advantage. Two receivers have done that this camp: Travis Wilson and Syndric Steptoe. With Edwards' recent setback and Steptoe looking good on special teams, his roster odds are slowly getting a tiny bit higher.
  5. Heiden's Knees: Granted, this is from one fan's perspective: "Steve Heiden's knee looks bad. When he was getting it stretched out he looked on the verge of tears." Chris' note: you can only go by what he says; can you actually see a knee about to tear?
  6. Newcomers: The Browns signed DB's Travis Key and Brandon Mitchell yesterday. Key reportedly worked a lot on special word on Mitchell though.

Your link collection for the information above (if you are a subscriber to the OBR, they have a report on the indoors evening practice):

Edwards gets stitches in foot (Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cabot)

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My first 53-man roster projection is coming for you to dissect. Let the anticipation build (watches tumbleweed roll by).

Side Note: If you didn't see the USA's unbelievable comeback in swimming against France yesterday, you HAVE to go to and check it out.