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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 22 - Winslow's Competitive

The days remaining for public camp sessions are dwindling down, but Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow isn't letting up his intensity level. After learning earlier today that rookie tight end Martin Rucker will be out for six weeks after having surgery, knowing we have a healthy Winslow in our back pocket allows fans to breathe a collective sigh of relief.


  1. Intensity High: The talk of the day involved two people on two consecutive plays: Winslow and recently signed DB Travis Key. On the first play, Winslow caught a pass over the middle and then collided with Key (though Winslow seemed to get the better of Key). On the next play, Winslow caught a pass on the sidelines and basically stiff-armed Key away, according to WTAM's Andre Knott.
  2. Credit to Key?: Since being signed, it seems like Travis Key's name is coming up quite a bit -- more than Steve Cargile's did, and more than Brandon Mitchell's is. We'll see where he fits into the rotation this Monday.
  3. Edwards in Berea: After being stitched up a few days ago, Braylon Edwards was in Berea for a check-up. There didn't seem to be any setbacks, so he was sent home to continue staying off of his foot. I'll never question Edwards' competitive nature, but just from a hypothetical thought, does him being out help the Browns in a way? His chemistry with Derek Anderson seemed too good to be lost in two weeks, he's not risking any weird injury for a portion of camp, and other guys are getting a chance to step up.
  4. Wilson Starting?: reported that it was Travis Wilson's turn to get some reps as a starting receiver today. Wilson reportedly stepped up to the challenge yet again, though there's no word on who will start opposite Donte Stallworth versus the Giants.
  5. Dinkins to be Safe: The best thing that Darnell Dinkins has going for him in camp? He's the highest tight end on the depth chart to have not suffered an injury during camp. After practice, Romeo Crennel praised Dinkins, saying he didn't know where the team would be without him.
  6. Break it Up: A little scuffle broke out between veteran LB Willie McGinest and OT Cliff Louis. McGinest can still get fired up, eh? Sounds like a good thing.
  7. Not Pleased: Crennel was not happy with how the offensive units ended the day in situational drills, so he called the first and second units back onto the field for extra reps.
  8. Yawner for Quinn: reports that QB Brady Quinn had a "lackluster day", as he had two passes batted down at the line of scrimmage as well as a fumbled snap.

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I will be exchanging questions with our New York Giants affiliate, Big Blue View, very soon in a "Getting to Know the Enemy" segment. I encourage you to check out their site in the mean time to get more familiar with how things have been going for the defending Super Bowl Champions.