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Draft Date Set - Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football

First off, I would like to thank all of you who signed up for the Dawgs By Nature fantasy football league this year. The league is now filled with 12 people, so if you were not chosen by the random draw, then I am sorry to say that you are not in the league. However, I will definitely create a second Dawgs By Nature league (without me in it) if there is enough interest. I will contact the people who entered the random drawing and were not chosen soon.

Here are this year's participants in the Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League:


DRAFT ORDER AND TEAM LIST: (click here for full draft order)

  1. Leadbelly - rufio
  2. The Fighting Pacifists - NickFantana
  3. Dawg Pound - nick_willis
  4. The Ruttigliano's - billhune
  5. Estonian Zulus - Estonianzulu
  6. Sterling Cooper - MJ32
  7. Straight Cash Homey - Bernie19Kosar
  8. Josh's Cribbs - RogerDorn
  9. KJC - kjc
  10. Vandelay Industries - BuckeyeBrad
  11. Pokorny's Pound - ChrisPokorny
  12. Riverboat Sam - RiverboatSam

The draft is currently scheduled for Wednesday, 08/20/08 @ 9:00 PM Eastern. Please come back at this date to enter the live draft room (up to 30 minutes early). If an overwhelming consensus is reached that this draft time is horrible, we will discuss a change as soon as possible. If you feel you cannot make it, please rank your players ahead of time.

Also, take a look at the scoring changes I have set. If there are any issues you see, post them here or at the league message board. You may also post other league concerns at that message board, or talk some smack there throughout the season.

One note: I believe that you can trade draft picks. All trades will need to be approved by me though, and right away, I will not be approving any trades that include picks for 2009.

Once again, congratulations to those of you who made the league, and have fun! Just don't get too upset when the trophy is above my name come Week 16 (the "Super Bowl").