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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 25 - Final Day

At the conclusion of practice today, the training camp that the fans are exposed to is officially over. Now, it's all about the 3 games in a span of 13 days that begins Monday against the New York Giants (note: there will still be practices in Berea, it's just that they'll be either open to the media only, or a completely closed practice).

The notes today are very basic, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell:


  1. Fun Atmosphere: Not that camp is always fun, but the music blasting and the entertainment provided on the final day of camp got the players more pumped than usual.
  2. Rogers Sits Again: For the second straight practice, Shaun Rogers sat out as a precaution. He is still expected to start against the Giants.
  3. Second Quarter: Crennel was quoted saying that the starters will play into the second quarter this Monday. The Giants have also mentioned that Eli Manning is expected to see 20-25 snaps before exiting.
  4. Personal Absences: There haven't been many personal absences in camp this year compared to usual. However, on the final day, both Ken Dorsey and A.J. Davis were excused for personal reasons. Both players are expected to be available against the Giants.
  5. Ali a Lock: Not directly related to today's practice, but Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer assesses that Charles Ali is a team favorite and a virtual lock.

That's it for today; no link collection even, as I'll just link you to one article.

There is something else worthy of mentioning from Saturday night though, and that is former Browns quarterback Charlie Frye. The Seahawks really want Frye to establish himself as the No. 2 so that they can use Seneca Wallace as a wide receiver with comfort.


Former Browns QB Charlie Frye, via

The Seahawks beat the Redskins 29-26 on overtime, and Frye played the entire game at quarterback. The Seahawks were down 19-9 after the third quarter though, and it seems as though the only reason Seattle came back was due to their running game and some Bears' turnovers. Here is Frye's final line:

Charlie Frye: 20 of 35 for 209 yards, 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions. He was sacked 3 times, and ran 4 times for 29 yards.

Overall, that doesn't sound like a way to zap confidence into your head coach. Thank goodness for Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

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