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Injury Updates: See You at the Opener

The injury updates are flying in now, and overall they seem to be positive in terms of people being ready to play by opening day.

  • QB Derek Anderson: Several sources, including ESPN and the OBR, have deemed Anderson's concussion as "mild" or "minor" at most. An official decision has not been made, but to err on the side of caution, he'll probably be held out of this week's game against the Lions. He could return against the Chicago Bears for a series or two in our fourth preseason game -- the same time that WR Braylon Edwards may be ready to come back.
  • WR Joshua Cribbs: After undergoing an MRI, the results came back negative, meaning Cribbs has only has a high ankle sprain. He will miss 2-3 weeks of action, so the most likely option for him is to play again against the Cowboys Week 1. Until then, WR Syndric Steptoe will fill in.
  • LB Leon Williams: The OBR is reporting that Williams suffered a stinger, and his status for Saturday's game against the Lions is up-in-the-air. It shouldn't be anything long-term though.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard any updates on S Brodney Pool, and I hope we don't have to interpret that as a bad thing. No word on the condition of backup TE Brad Cieslak, either.