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Who Should the Browns Cut First?

Don't worry loyal readers: I haven't gone on a "trade them all" rampage like Jay / Ryan over at Let's Go Tribe just yet. Believe it or not, me posting this item has nothing to do with the Browns playing poorly in their second consecutive preseason game.

It's a fact that the first roster cuts are due in on August 26 (this Tuesday). So, considering our current roster, I want you to act like you are Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage. You only need to make five cuts, and it's very unlikely that we would go over that amount. In otherwords, please don't reply saying "I would cut ten people" unless you really believe you have a legitimate point.

Here are my first five cuts (these are the ones I projected prior to the Lions game):

  1. DB Brandon Mitchell - With Jones and Pool nursing injuries, this one may not actually happen now. Sticking with my original instincts though.
  2. RB Austin Scott - The team seems to prefer RB Travis Thomas just a little bit more, though honestly I could care less which back goes first.
  3. DL Brian Schaefering - I saw him for the first time against the Lions. Too many players are ahead of him in the running though, and it makes sense to dump the bottom of the depth chart if you're looking to give former draft picks Melila Purcell and Chase Pittman more reps in the preseason finale.
  4. OL Jonathan Palmer - I'm not really fond of Isaac Sowells or James Lee at this point, but Palmer is probably behind them on the depth chart too, leaving the competition down to just two men for the backup tackle role.
  5. TE Kolo Kapanui - Yet to really make any impact; appears as though four tight ends are ahead of him on depth chart.

While not required, please feel free to elaborate on some of your cuts. If you list a third-string player who never gets in on the action, I think it'll be self-explanatory. But, if you're going to cut a player like Travis Wilson or David McMillan right away, please explain why since those cuts, if necessary, can be made after our fourth preseason game. Your argument doesn't have to be sane to be acceptable; just provide a basis of where you're coming from and I'll be pleased ;)

P.S. My review of the ever-so-boring Lions / Browns preseason contest is due some time Sunday. Check back often.