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Browns Reportedly Make Pitch to Ty Law

With the regular season about to start, three teams have reportedly made offers (official or not) to defensive back Ty Law, according to FOX 8's Tony Rizzo. Each of the teams that have extended an offer fall under the Bill Belichick tree, of course: the New York Jets (Eric Mangini), the Cleveland Browns (Romeo Crennel), and the New England Patriots.

I've said throughout the offseason that the odds of us giving or wanting to give the best offer to Law were slim. With that said, considering the conservativeness and lack of depth we've seen in the preseason, I would love to see a former Pro Bowler come to Cleveland. He may not be a stud anymore, but I look at him helping us like Daylon McCutcheon did towards the downside of his career.

  1. Frye Excels: If I dissed Charlie Frye for playing poorly last week, it's only fair that I give him credit this week for a nice Monday Night effort against the San Diego Chargers. Frye was 19-of-29 for 219 yards and 2 touchdowns. He left the game with a 17-10 lead in the fourth quarter, but the Chargers had a late drive and a two-pointer to win 18-17. Frye probably would've played the entire game had he not hurt his knee during his final drive.
  2. Regarding Cuts: Yesterday, the Browns only made one move in waiving DB Damon Jenkins. The team has until 4 PM today to make four more cuts.
  3. Anderson Out: Finally, Browns QB Derek Anderson has been ruled out of Thursday's game against the Chicago Bears. He has not yet been medically cleared to return from his concussion. I'd expect backup QB Brady Quinn to play longer than a series or two, which is the norm for a "starter" in the preseason.

Remember to check back often to see the Browns' first string of cuts, or any updates on the Ty Law situation.