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Official Browns' First Cuts Thread

3:40 PM: The remainder of the roster moves are in. The Browns only cut one more player: DL Brian Schaefering. To reach the 75-man limit, the team confirmed that WR Joe Jurevicius will remain on the PUP list, and WR Kevin Kasper was placed on the injured reserve.

Jurevicius will miss the first six weeks of the regular season, and if he does return, it must be between Week 7 and Week 9.

I'm going to toot my own horn here by correctly guessing that one of our early moves would be to place Kasper on the IR. Because I don't expect him to be out all season, I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns paid him an injury settlement in a few weeks, officially releasing him from our roster altogether.

12:10 PM: According to the the Morning Call, RB Austin Scott has been released by the Browns. That means I'm currently 1-for-2 in my projection (I did not predict DB Damon Jenkins would be cut in the first go around).

"It's a little disappointing today," said Chris Lencheski, Scott's agent. "I'm trying to keep Austin upbeat. I reminded him that this is a business. If he's not with the Browns now, he may be in two or three weeks with the practice squad. And there are other teams. We are looking at solutions from a 360-degree perspective.


  • DB Damon Jenkins
  • RB Austin Scott
  • DL Brian Schaefering


  • WR Joe Jurevicius


  • WR Kevin Kasper