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DBN Fans: Join PFC Pick'em and Win

PFC Pick'em

Are you ready for PFC Pick'em?

If you've been a reader for several years now, then I'm sure you've heard of the contest before. If you're newer to the site though, I'll provide some quick background information. I started a general NFL website several years ago called Pro Football Critics, and one of the things I associated with it was an annual predictions contest. All you do it sign up and play, and at the end of the season, if you have the best record, you win the grand prize of $150 (for the full prize list, visit the Pick'em page).

In the past, I have run the contest/program through a service I paid to use. This year, I wrote my own script from the ground up, and it's at the point where I am allowing registrations. I am using the preseason as the beta period, but still sign up as your accounts will be carried over to the regular season (your preseason picks are purely used to help me beta test; they don't apply towards the contest, which starts Week 1).

So, if any of you would like to sign up (and help me beta test along the way), I encourage you to do so! Tell your friends and family to sign up as well so that you can decrease your individual odds of winning but possibly increase your family odds of winning ;)

Register now for PFC Pick'em 2008!

P.S. The Browns had a scheduled off day on Saturday. They will continue their training camp sessions Sunday for an afternoon session.