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Music to My Ears: Harrison to be More Involved

Apparently, if Jerome Harrison shows spark on a team full of playmakers, he has to take the backseat.

However, if Jerome Harrison shows spark on a team full of underachievers (up to this point), then he's going to be given the reigns.

According to the official site, head coach Romeo Crennel stated Thursday that Harrison might receive more playing time than usual against the Baltimore Ravens. Gee, it took the guy three seasons to realize that? No doubt, the "decision" was a result of Harrison's electrifying 23-yard screen reception against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night -- a play that stands as the team's best play through two games.

The running backs have been absent this year so far. Jamal Lewis can't get it going unless we give him more touches, and you need a lead for that. Jason Wright isn't going to play much if we're behind either. Harrison, on the other hand, can play when we need to score via the air. Right now, that's exactly what we need.