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Oh, Boy: Donte Stallworth Downgraded to Doubtful

So much for getting my hopes up about Donte Stallworth being able to provide Derek Anderson with a viable No. 2 wide receiver option for the first time this season.

According to the OBR, Stallworth was held out of practice Friday and has been downgraded from "questionable" to "doubtful" on the injury report. Although he has not been officially ruled "out", the downgrade in itself sounds like a nail in the coffin.

So, we'll be stuck with good ol' Syndric Steptoe as our second wide receiver again this week. After an uneventful three weeks, why in the world is Steve Sanders at least not playing over this guy? Heck, you don't even see Sanders on the field -- maybe we'll get lucky and see Joshua Cribbs receive some more offensive snaps.

Good times, right? Good times when you can't even believe the fact anymore that Braylon Edwards can handle the load himself, opening up room for the other receivers. Edwards was fully practicing on Friday again, so he should be fine for this Sunday.

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