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Crennel to Wait on Decision Until After Surgery

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel could still have a place in the organization in the future. However, that decision will not come until after Crennel has hip replacement surgery next month.

Crennel, 61, said he had been putting off the hip replacement for a few years and planned on finally getting it done this off-season even before he was fired as Browns coach.

"It was a lot tougher to move around and stand, so I just knew I needed to get something done. It's uncomfortable and it wasn't going to get any better," he said.

The offer remains on the table for Crennel to return in an "undisclosed capacity", per the request of Eric Mangini. As long as it's not time-management related or something pertaining to the offensive side of the ball, I wouldn't mind keeping him around.