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Championship Sunday Discussion Thread: Timetable on Kokinis

It's Championship Weekend in the NFL today. Unfortunately, we'll be forced to see one of our divisional foes win a trip to the Super Bowl. Largely due to how arrogant some of the Ravens fans have been this season, I would rather see Pittsburgh go to the Super Bowl en route to a loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

3:00 PM EST: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals

6:30 PM EST: Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

This is an open thread to discuss both of today's games. I plan on particularly being around to comment during the AFC Championship game. Snow is in the forecast throughout that entire game, something that should add even more excitement to the contest.

More incentive for the Ravens to lose: that would mean the Browns could hire George Kokinis for the general manager position as soon as tomorrow. With a Ravens win, we'll have to wait two more weeks -- duing which Kokinis could "decide to stay where he's comfortable".