Pioli or Mangini?

The Browns may have to choose between hiring Scott Pioli and Eric Mangini.  The PD is reporting that the team has interviewed both and like them both very much, but it's unsure if the two could get along because of the Spygate scandal.  If Pioli is hired he will most cetainly want to choose his own head coach, and if Mangini is hired as coach he may have a personnel guy in mind.  But the Browns want their GM and head coach on the same page after the friction this year between Savage and Crennel, so it may come down to the Browns having to choose either  the GM they want or the head coach they want.

I personally think the Browns should hire Pioli and let him choose his head coach.  I wouldn't mind Mangini but he's not my first choice.  I'd like to get Shanahan, Spagnuolo or Schwartz.  But I hear the Browns like that Mangini has head coaching experience and he may be one of the many coaches who has success in his second coaching job after not doing so well in his first (Belichick being the obvious example).  I'd be worried if Pioli wants to hire Ferentz because I'm not sure how he'll do in the NFL, and I think Lerner doesn't want another college coach.

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