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Five Coaches Added to Mangini's Staff

The team officially announced the addition of five more coaches yesterday:

  1. Defensive line coach Bryan Cox
  2. Defensive backs coach Jerome Henderson
  3. Defensive quality control coach Andy Dickerson
  4. Quarterbacks coach Carl Smith
  5. Assistant strength and conditioning coach Rick Lyle

All of the coaches, except for Smith, were on Eric Mangini's staff last season with the New York Jets. Smith has some recent tenure in the Browns organization: from 2001-2003, he was the team's quarterbacks coach under Butch Davis. For the past two seasons, he has been the Jacksonville Jaguars' offensive coordinator.

Also, the hiring of George Kokinis could finally be drawing near, with Mangini's latest quote in an AP article:

While presenting an award, Mangini, who began his NFL career as a public-relations intern with Cleveland, told the audience he anticipated the Browns "will have news in the very short future."

Let's get him in and get ready for the draft already.