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Adam Schefter Weighs in on Derek Anderson

In Adam Schefter's chat Monday, someone asked him about the Minnesota Vikings' quarterback situation. Whenever that is mentioned, you know that Derek Anderson's name is going to be thrown in there...

Question: What do you think the Vikings will do about their QB situation? Any free agents (Garcia)? Adam_schefter_headshot_sm

Schefter: The good thing for the Vikings is, it's an intriguing off-season for quaterbacks. Matt Cassel, Derek Anderson and Donovan McNabb could be available in trade. Kerry Collins, Kurt Warner, Jeff Garcia, Rex Grossman are scheduled to be unrestricted free agents. And Michael Vick also could be in play.

But if you're the Vikings, and you want to solidify the position, you have two primary options to me: trading for Anderson or signing Garcia. Garcia would be a short-term solution, Anderson a longer-term but pricier one. To get Anderson is going to cost at least a second-round pick, and maybe a first, and that's a steep price. Then again, Minnesota traded its 1 last year and that worked out pretty well, didn't it?

If the media wants to inflate Anderson's value, then by all means do it. It might just help out in the end...