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Anderson's $5 Million Bonus is Guaranteed?

Whether or not you believe Mike Florio or Pro Football Talk has merits, their latest report regarding QB Derek Anderson is a little surprising, perhaps to some: they report that the $5 million bonus he is scheduled to earn in March is guaranteed. That means that unless we find a suitor for him in a trade, we will owe him $5 million even if we cut him.

I'm not sure if this really changes anything at all. On one hand, it could mean that we'll push harder to make a deal before March. On the other hand, teams may try to get him for cheaper, knowing that we want to avoid the $5 million cap hit if possible. On a third hand, maybe teams will give us more because they know they can't depend on him just being cut in order to sign him.

Then, of course, you have the factor of the Browns not finding a suitor: if cutting him costs us $5 million, then we're just going to keep him on our roster next season.

If anyone has more knowledge on NFL salary cap rules, please elaborate your interpretation of this further.