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Mangini & Quinn Shoot Down Trade Rumors

Not that anyone believed Brady Quinn would be traded, but a few things contributed to the rumor yesterday, including...

  1. The fact that the trade deadline is approaching
  2. Mangini said Derek Anderson will remain the starting QB
  3. Quinn put his house in Avon Lake up for sale

Today, both Eric Mangini and Brady Quinn addressed this rumors:

Eric Mangini:

(On if the team if looking to move Quinn): "We're not looking to move Brady Quinn. He's focused on Pittsburgh ... We get calls all the time that we listen to, but Brady is a Cleveland Brown and it's not anything we're looking to do.''

Brady Quinn:

(On whether he would request a trade): "No, that's not my nature to do something like that. I have a contract with the Browns and I intend to play that out."

(On if putting his house up for sale indicates he is anticipating a trade): "No, that indicates a house is for sale," Quinn said. "I appreciate the free advertising. It doesn't have anything to do with what we're here for -- prepare for Pittsburgh. I'm a guy who doesn't want to continue to drive 30 minutes to the facility every day (from Avon Lake). I'm a bachelor who lives in a house that has maybe too much upkeep. There's other reasons (to sell it). I'm trying to downsize."

For now, that settles it...until we see another morning headline in a day or so on ESPN that says "QUINN DEALT!" ;)