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Post-Game Thread: Browns Join the National Blowout League

Almost every week of an NFL season, if you lose 31-3, your team is looked at as the "joke of the week" due to being blown out of the water by the opposition. That has changed this year though, particularly this week. It's amazing that despite the Browns' loss, there were five other teams who suffered losses that were either just as bad or worse than we did. It's certainly not a consolation prize by any means, but take a look at these other scores:

  • San Diego 37, Kansas City 7
  • Indianapolis 42, St. Louis 6
  • New England 35, Tampa Bay 7
  • New York Jets 38, Oakland 0
  • Cincinnati 45, Chicago 10

Shocking. When it came to the Browns game, many of the struggles encountered throughout the season were still present against the Packers. The number one thing that comes out of this game though is that it might be time to go away from Derek Anderson again. It's not even worth saying anymore that Anderson has performed better than Brady Quinn did to start the season due to how bad he has played.

I still believe Anderson can be an effective quarterback, but it's becoming evident that it's not possible unless he has a tremendous supporting cast. If there is any remote chance that Quinn has something left, or even just to showcase him to other teams for next season, it's time to give him another chance.