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Dawgs By Nature Featured on NFL Mobile Live for Sprint PalmPre

The SB Nation network continues to grow week-by-week, from the partnership with Yahoo to now a partnership with Sprint to display content from Dawgs By Nature on their NFL Mobile Live app for the PalmPre.


This is sponsored post, but if you're interested in mobile phones, continue to read on for my hands-on experience with NFL Mobile Live. First off, for somebody who has lacked ever having an advanced phone, the PalmPre itself has been incredible. I've already made a few mobile comments on Dawgs By Nature, and when my Internet connection was down last week, I was at least able to keep up on some news by using the phone's Internet browser.

And, yes, believe it or not, I have used the actual "phone" part of it too...once or twice.

Here are some notes of mine regarding the NFL Mobile Live app:

  • You can watch the NFL Network on it. The video quality is bearable enough, and it never gets old seeing highlights or games from the past. I'm more interested for when Thursday Night Football begins later in the season; I'll be watching entire games from the app.
  • The scoreboards are up-to-date, basically in-sync with Yahoo Sports in terms of real-time updates. It's quicker to access the drive charts too, and you also have the ability to listen to either team's radio broadcast on the fly if you so choose to.
  • Another cool feature is getting text alerts when a team scores (or you can choose that for when they are in the red zone). A few weeks ago, when the Jets played the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, I needed a touchdown from Braylon Edwards in fantasy football in order to win. I didn't want to follow the game the entire time since I was watching House and Heroes on television, but I was alerted any time something happened to keep me updated.
  • If you have Sprint, you can access the SB Nation content under the "My Teams" section -- there's a link right to our content that display's in the app for the Cleveland Browns. Although it doesn't feature the comments that go along with an article, it's useful for exposing non-SB Nation users or people-on-the-go to our content, continuing to establish SB Nation's name in the sports industry.

If you have any questions about the application or my other thoughts on the phone, please feel free to ask.