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Getting to Know the Enermy: Buffalo Rumblings Talks About Terrell Owens and the Desperate Bills

I was pleased to be joined by Brian Galliford, our Buffalo Bills affiliate, who run Buffalo Rumblings, to preview Sunday's game. Enjoy!

Chris: "When I first heard in the offseason that Terrell Owens was headed to Buffalo, I thought, "what the heck?" Owens is a player who wants the football in his hands, and with Trent Edwards at quarterback, I didn't see that happening. Through four games, he's only averaging two catches a game. Do you this relationship is going to end up clicking at any point this season?"

Brian: "I don't see why not - but only if the Bills can figure out how to attack opponents each week. They have the capability to beat opponents on the ground or through the air, but they've lacked balance and a lack of knowing when and where to attack in recent weeks. When they should run, they pass, and vice versa. It's really led to a lack of rhythm for the unit on the whole. But they have had rhythm at points this season, and although Owens' sheer involvement is low, he's made some sparing big plays.

One thing that should be noted: even if it doesn't click, it won't explode the way everyone in the media wants it to. Owens has been a choir boy this season - seriously. Very meek behind the mic, very laid back, keenly avoiding controversy. Whether you want to call it growing up or simply keeping his nose clean for his next employer, you're not likely to hear a peep from Owens this season."

Chris: "Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. Which Bills RB do you think should be the starter? Should they split carries evenly?"

Brian: "They definitely need to split carries in some fashion, because both are excellent runners. Right now, Fred Jackson should and will get the bulk of the work load, because he's been outstanding, and Lynch looked mighty rusty in Miami. But Lynch is too good to keep off the field. Just add this to a long list of offensive items the Bills need to figure out - how to best utilize their two talented runners. You'll see both on the field simultaneously on Sunday."

Chris: "With Leodis McKelvin out for the season, how much weaker does this make the Bills' secondary?"

Brian: "I think it's safe to argue it actually makes them stronger. Buffalo was torched through the air by New England and Tampa Bay, and they were torched on Drew Brees' first drive in Week 3. Then McKelvin got hurt, and the pass defense has been borderline dominant over the past two weeks (although that, in part, is due to the fact that their run defense has randomly blown a gasket). Drayton Florence has played well in McKelvin's stead, and we're pretty deep in the defensive backfield. McKelvin's loss is much more detrimental to our return units than to Perry Fewell's defense."

Chris: "Is there an unknown player on the Bills roster who the Browns should be concerned about this week?"

Brian: "Frankly, no. Buffalo's big guns aren't cutting it right now, and the unknown role players aren't good enough to beat any team. If there's any player that comes close to this designation, it's rookie FS Jairus Byrd - he's replacing Donte Whitner (thumb) at free safety, and he's got underrated athleticism and ball skills. He's just waiting to capitalize on a mistake from a quarterback, and that might happen this week."

Chris: "The Browns' last victory came last year against Buffalo. Who do you think will win this Sunday?"

Brian: "Buffalo. I'm not picking my own team because I'm confident they'll rebound, either; on the contrary, my confidence level in their ability to play winning football is quite low. I'm picking Buffalo because they're easily the more desperate football team - jobs are on the line right now - and they're at home. That's it. If they continue to play mistake-prone football, Cleveland has a very strong chance of beating the Bills for a third straight season."