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Jamal Lewis Calling it Quits After the Season? Lerner Upset?

According to Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository, after the Browns' loss to the Bears, Jamal Lewis stated that he would be retiring at the end of the season. Doerschuk notes that Lewis can only take so much more, and a half season is the extent of it.

If you're Eric Mangini, shouldn't this be a sure sign that Lewis should be benched? The only purpose left to this season is development, and if Lewis isn't going to be with the team next season, there's really no purpose in having him play over Jerome Harrison. It hurts even more now that James Davis suffered a season-ending injury earlier in the season.

Doerschuk also had some interesting notes from when he was nearby owner Randy Lerner:

We bumped into owner Randy Lerner in the hallway. He talked at some length. He was quite animated, apologizing a few times during an off-the-record briefing as to being vague about what comes next.

He did say, "There’s a lot going on."

Jim Brown, one of the owner’s advisers, was nearby.

Finally, Doerschuk noted that Derek Anderson was "more angry than he had ever seen him" following the game. No word on who will start at quarterback in two weeks against the Baltimore Ravens.