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Brady Quinn is IN, Derek Anderson is OUT as Browns Starting QB

According to the Plain Dealer's Twitter feed, Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini has named QB Brady Quinn as the team's starting quarterback for this Monday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

This is the second time this season that Quinn has been named the team's starting quarterback. Quinn was the team's opening day starter, but was removed during Week 3's contest against the Baltimore Ravens and replaced by Derek Anderson. Anderson had started every game since then, reaching a new level on ineptitude.

"Brady has done a nice job in practice," Mangini said. "I expect that. That's what I asked him to do. I look forward to him taking advantage of this opportunity and playing well the rest of the season.


The decision might not be enough to fill seats this Monday, but I'm sure it'll add a greater level of enthusiasm for some Browns fans. And, as bad as this season has gone, Randy Lerner and company have responded with an attempt at changing things:

  • The firing of general manager George Kokinis.
  • Listening to the concerns of the fans (Note: granted, this one seemed awkward).
  • The announcement that quarterbacks coach Carl Smith would have more input on the offensive playcalling as Brian Daboll "grows."
  • The shift back to Brady Quinn as the team's starting quarterback.

Will these changes result in a better product on the field though?