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Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns - Official Game Thread

If you didn't see the update a few days ago, tonight's game against the Baltimore Ravens will not be blacked out locally, thanks to several organizations and media outlets "buying out" the unsold tickets. That's good news for die-hard Browns fans, so hopefully we see some improvement in the offense after the bye week.

Date: November 16, 2009 Location: Cleveland, OH
Time: 8:30 p.m. ET
Stadium: Browns Stadium
Favorite: Ravens by 11
Radio: WTAM, 1100 AM Over/Under: 39
SBN Coverage: Baltimore Beatdown Announcers Jon Gruden, Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski

The Browns lost to were destroyed by the Ravens earlier this season. Brady Quinn started that game but was pulled at half-time and replaced by Derek Anderson. At the time, the change was surprising, but understandable. Our offense was terrible under Quinn, and much of that seemed to have to do with his lack of confidence in the pocket.

After so many 2-of-17 for under 100 yards and 2 interception type of games for Anderson though, it was clearly time to go back to Quinn. Quinn now has a chance at redemption -- both against the Ravens, and at proving himself capable of being a starting quarterback in the NFL again.

Let's start off this week's preview with the overall team statistics heading into Week 10...


Category Ravens Browns
Points Scored 25.8 (9th) 9.8 (32nd) = -2
Passing 242.1 (14th) 121.5 (31st) = Push
Rushing 116.1 (14th) 99.6 (25th) = -1
Total Offense (yards) 358.2 (11th) 221.1 (32nd) = -1


Category Ravens Browns
Points Scored 19.2 (9th) 26.1 (28th) = -1
Passing 225.8 (17th) 238.6 (25th) = -1
Rushing 94.9 (6th) 170.5 (31st) = Push
Total Defense (yards) 320.6 (12th) 409.1 (32nd) = Push

Joe Flacco has been solid this season except in his two matches against the Cincinnati Bengals.
- QB Remember my three keys for Quinn: Trust your protection, more first down passing, and more screen passes.
Ray Rice's production has changed Baltimore's three-man committee into a one-man wrecking machine.
- RB Jamal Lewis will have one last chance (if he stays true to his word) to have a good game against his former team.
How fortunate are the Ravens that Derrick Mason decided to come back for another season after all?
- WR Chansi Stuckey has been on the injury report, but with his experience, he really should be the receiver who steps up.
The Browns weren't able to get to Flacco much in their first encounter, and the line does a fine job blocking for the run game late.
OL I'm giving the Ravens the edge here for one reason: our offensive line wasn't as good for whatever reason under Quinn. Hopefully that improve tonight.
It's expected that the Ravens will have Haloti Ngata back on the field, as the Ravens missed him against the Bengals last week.
- DL I'm finding it difficult to rate the performance of our defensive line again this year. We don't have a "young stud" on the line, but the problems still seem to be at the LB position.
The Ravens are still trying to fill the void left by Bart Scott in the offseason at the other inside linebacker position. If Quinn wants the short passing game to work, look towards Tavares Gooden.
- LB I'd be real excited if Marcus Bernard received some playing time tonight, even if it meant he was ahead of David Veikune. I won't get my hopes up though ahead of time.
If starting cornerback Fabien Washington can't go, then Lardarius Webb, a 3rd rounder, will make his first career start.
DB Will S Mike Adams start in place of Brodney Pool again? Against the Bears, it paid off as Pool was able to contribute better in spot situations.
The Browns deserve at least one favored category.
ST - You've had two weeks to rest, Joshua Cribbs. Put on a show for the country.

If Randy Lerner had stood back and done nothing during the bye week, I'd be less optimistic about this game. Thanks to the ruckus that was made though, I find it hard to believe that nothing will change on the offensive side of the ball. Our offense will be banking on the level of confidence that Brady Quinn has. It won't be enough to produce a win, but hopefully it's enough to prevent another embarrassment.

FINAL PREDICTION: Baltimore Ravens 27, Cleveland Browns 17.

This is the official gameday thread for the Cleveland Browns in Week 10 as they face the division rivaled Baltimore Ravens. All comments regarding the game should be posted in this thread. Enjoy the game, and GO BROWNS!!!

*Note: I will be at tonight's game, and will not be able to comment during the game (I might try once via the mobile site). Please keep the discussion going as you guys have done all season!