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Post-Game Thread: Lions Win 38-37 Shootout

If you heard the Browns were 1-9 and watched this game, you would've thought it was our defense that was responsible for how horrible we've played this year.

With the Browns having their only good offensive game of the season behind Brady Quinn's four touchdown passes, the team had a 37-31 lead with under two minutes to go. The Lions had no timeouts left but moved the ball down the field to attempt a Hail Mary with eight seconds left. After scrambling around forever, Lions rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford launched the ball as he took a shot from C.J. Mosley. The ball was intercepted by Brodney Pool, but the officials threw the flag for pass interference in the end zone. Why was the call a poor one?

  • You always see a crowd of people jump for a Hail Mary, but pass interference never gets called.
  • The ball would've been uncatchable compared to where Pool picked it.

Then, the Lions were charged with an injury timeout they didn't have, although since a game can't end on a penalty, the Lions were still permitted to run their play from the one-yard line. Here's the problem -- Matthew Stafford should've been ineligible to return for one play. Stafford then came back into the game after the Browns called a timeout and threw the one-yard touchdown pass to TE Brandon Pettigrew. The CBS announcing crew originally kept proclaiming that the Lions took a timeout.

A blown call at the end that ruined our only shining moments on offense of the season. Pfft.