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DBN Fantasy League Playoffs are Underway

Earlier this year, several members were lucky enough to join the official 2009 Dawgs By Nature fantasy football league. How did some of our veteran members due against the newcomers?

Taking part in this year's league were the following members: Bernie19Kosar*, BradyQuinnisBeast (aka TheRealSlimShady), Buckeye Brad*, Chris Pokorny*, kjc*, LesFleursDuMal, Locnar, Overlord1976, Roger Dorn*, rolub, rufio*, skipkirk (an asterisk denotes that they also played in the league in 2008).


In 2008, I finished as the No. 1 seed with a 10-3 record. Unfortunately, after my first round bye, I lost in the second round to Buckeye Brad, who then went on to lose the championship match against rufio. How did our "Super Bowl teams" do this year? Not as good.

Both Buckeye Brad and rufio failed to make the playoffs this year, meaning we'll have a new DBN Fantasy League champion this year. Hopefully that will be me, as for the second straight year in a row, I took the No. 1 seed, this time with a 9-4 record. The No. 2 seed this year is Roger Dorn, who saw a first-round playoff exit last year when he had the fifth seed.

There are two playoff games this week.

Game 1: Overlord1976 (Midnight Express) vs. LesFleursDuMal (Bernie Described Eternity) - #4 vs. #5

These two newcomers to the league don't post very much, but they remain active readers and I hope they had a blast playing this year. Both of them better watch out though, because the winner of them will face me next week. As long as Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner don't have well below average games like they did for me last year in the playoffs, I think I'll be well on my way to the championship match! ;)

Game 2: Bernie19Kosar (Stu Scotts Good Eye) vs. kjc (KJC) - #3 vs. #6

As you can see, long-time member Bernie19Kosar made the playoffs this year after just barely missing them last year. He was actually in a three-way-tie (record-wise) for the first seed, but I owned head-to-head tiebreakers over each of them. Congrats to kjc, who accomplished an impressive feat. After being in the league's cellar last year at 3-9-1, kjc started this season with a 1-5 record, well on his way to the cellar again. Miraculously, he then went on a six game winning streak before losing his final game to finish at 7-6. Roger Dorn will be waiting to take on the winner next week.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in the league! We only had one member out of twelve who basically bailed on the league (and lost their final 10 games), but 91.67% participation isn't too bad. Hopefully next year we can reach our goal of 100% participation throughout the season.

Good luck to those still in the playoffs...and prepare to be crushed.

I don't know if the public can see the bracket, but if you can, here is the link to it.