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Ummm...What? Brady Quinn Placed on Injured Reserve; Derek Anderson to Start

Recent Events

  • Browns beat the Steelers.
  • The offense starts looking better.
  • Joshua Cribbs and Jerome Harrison are record setters.
  • The Browns surpass Peter King's 2-14 projection.
  • Mike Holmgren is brought on board.
  • Derek Anderson is the starting quarterback again. WHAT!?!

After winning two straight games and getting some fans excited again, it was announced today that QB Brady Quinn has been placed on the injured reserve. Apparently, he suffered some form of a foot injury against the Kansas City Chiefs. It sounds like had there been more games left, Quinn might have been able to come back still.

Browns head coach Eric Mangini said Quinn suffered a foot injury on his final carry of Sunday's win in Kansas City, an 11-yard run that converted a key first down.

"He won't be able to play the next two weeks," Mangini said. "It's hard to tell exactly what happened. Even Brady isn't sure exactly what happened."


Who starts the final two home games now? That would be Derek Anderson, who had one of the worst stretches imaginable for a quarterback earlier this season. If fans were considering buying tickets for Christmas gifts, I bet they'll start reconsidering now.

Talk about a killjoy.