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Charlie Frye Confirmed to Start for Raiders at Quarterback Against Browns

Charlie Frye vs. Derek Anderson. The quarterback competition for the ages back in 2007. This week, they will be competing against each other again, with two big differences -- they are on opposing teams, and neither one of them is considered a legitimate starting quarterback anymore.

After getting the start last week due to an injury to Bruce Gradkowski, Frye was questionable at first for this week's contest against the Browns. He left last week's game in the second half after suffering a concussion; one that, coincidentally, was caused by former Browns LB Andra Davis planting him into the ground. JaMarcus Russell finished the game and led the team to a last-second victory. Despite that, first-year head coach Tom Cable is sticking with Frye:

Cable said he went with Frye over Russell because Frye gives him the best chance to win. He said he likes Frye's "leadership, his command of what we're doing. His ability to manage the game as a quarterback. His desire is to someday be a coach and that's how he prepares. Even when he wasn't playing he was very important to what we were doing."

Truth be told, I am more worried about Frye than Russell, which is downright embarrassing for a former first overall pick.

Frye returning to Cleveland isn't like Brett Favre returning to Green Bay. If you had to measure the build-up or hatred fans will have when they see Frye in a uniform Sunday, the amounts wouldn't even register an ounce on a scale. Frye was tested as the team's future quarterback, it didn't work out, and the Browns abruptly traded him away. Frye is excited to come back to the state where he grew up, as friends and family will be in attendance to watch him.

I don't hate Frye, but it would certainly be troubling if we let him perform like Matt Cassel did against us last week. If Anderson turns the ball over like he did earlier this season though, I'm sure Frye will be more than happy to capitalize on some short fields. In this article from the Plain Dealer, Frye talked about some of his experiences with new Browns President Mike Holmgren.

Denied a Wide Receiver

In other news, Pro Football Talk reports that the Browns attempted to claim WR Mark Bradley off waivers from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were awarded Bradley instead because they have one less win. If you're wondering, "where have I heard that name before?," it's because Bradley just faced the Browns as a member of the Chiefs this past Sunday. He was one of those receivers who couldn't hang onto the football.

Chiefs Game Review

I'll have my review of the Chiefs/Browns contest up on DBN on Christmas Eve.