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Who is your least favorite Steeler?

It's Steeler week. I hate the Steelers.

I hate that their city is so unimaginative they have to use black and urine as the colors of all of their sports teams.

I hate the fact that their mostly front running fans believe that they have more championships than the Cleveland Browns.

But I want to know, who is your most hated Steeler of all-time?

Here is a quick run down of my favorites, in no particular order:

1. Terry Bradshaw


Best picture of Mr. Bradshaw I could find.

You may now know him as the fun loving moron on FOX's pregame. Or, you have probably been beaten over the head by the fact that he won four Super Bowls. For his career, he went 22-17 against the Browns while posting a 75.6 QB rating in those games. I hate Bradshaw because I think he was behind the wheel of a team that possessed a great running game and a great defense. It allowed an average QB (212 TDs to 210 INT's career) to be hailed as a great and almighty savior. Ask a Steeler fan to name the greatest QB of all-time and I am willing to bet a horrible tasting Iron City Beer that they will try and work Bradshaws name into the conversation. Save your self the trouble and close your hand in a drawer.

2. Jerome Bettis


Anyone seen these two guys in the same room at the same time?

Hey, did you guys know that Jerome Bettis is from Detroit? If you don't, then you didn't want a single minute of any 2006 NFL Playoff coverage. Plus, I think that chunky campbells soup tastes like crap (Well, during Steeler weeks I do, other weeks, I totally get down on the chicken noodle. But not Steeler week bitches! I fast like Olajuwon!) I hate the fact that Bettis can screw up a coin flip. I REALLY HATE the fact that Bettis has more rushing yards than Jim Brown (even though it took him 74 more games. Yeah, 74. That would be if Jim Brown played almost 5 and half more 14 game seasons. Yet, if you look at the NFL leaderboard, this fat ass is ahead of Jim Brown.) For Bettis' career he went 13-9 against the Browns and had an average of 74 YPG against us.

3. Hines Ward


I wish this was DBN's logo.

We all knew this douchebag was on this list. We have gone over the reasons on why Hines Ward is a coward and dirty player ad nauseum. If you need more info on this boob search the archives. On to the stats, Ward went 20-17 against us while averaging 67 YPG. He only has 8 TDs in those 37 games which actually suprised me. The only thing I like about Ward is that he hates the next player on our list.

4. Ben Roethlisberger


I am 99% sure that this is not photoshopped.

The newest, greatest Steeler QB (He wins games!). Once again, we have touched on Crash Test Roethlisberger Big Ben. It drives me nuts that every single time this guy has a hang nail it is DEFCON1 in the Roethlisberger household. Was he not hugged enough as a kid? I'm glad to hear that the Steeler locker room is tired of his act, because I as a Browns fan have had my fill of Big Ben's injury fiasco's. Did I mention that he likes to bang ugly chicks? For God sakes man you're a NFL quarterback that is paid over 100 million! Even that fat dude that convinced chicks he was Big Ben was able to hook up with a model! Oh yeah, stats. He has a 14-8 ratio on TD/INTs and averages 223 YPG. Meh.

5. Jeff Reed


I don't know if he is the most hated Steeler, but I know he thinks the show Jersey Shore is cool.

This dude is the best. First of all he is a kicker. Second of all, the dude has the worst case of beer muscles that I have seen in quite sometime. First of all he tackles like this (fast forward to :23 seconds in) and this (2:35 in). Did I mention that this tool has been arrested for assulting police officers, and vandalizing a bathroom in a gas station because they were out of paper towels? All this anger from a kicker who tackles like a woman. I think that Phil Dawson would destroy him in fisticuffs. Did I mention that he is a kicker? He is 23 for 27 on kicks against us.

6. Rod Woodson


Man, I hope my HOF bust has a pornstache.

He played for the Steelers and Ravens, so that kind of makes him a jackass. He then he said something so gross that I had to make sure I got his quote correct, word for word. In his Hall of Fame speech he said the following:

And I hope again, the voters get this right, by putting Art Modell in the Hall of Fame. He belongs there. You can boo him because you disagree with him moving them. But you can't disagree with what he did as an owner.

Burn in Hell Woodson.

Also receiving votes: James Harrison, Franco Harris (It was incomplete!), Greg Lloyd, Kevin Greene, Levon Kirkland, Amos Zeroue (I hate his cookies), Tommy Maddox, Kordell Stewert, Stallworth and Swann (overrated), Joey Porter (I'm glad someone shot him i the ass) and Troy Polamalu.

Did I mention that I hate the Steelers?