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Derek Anderson's $5 Million Bonus Due on Friday


Barring an unforeseen event occurring in the next 24 hours, the Cleveland Browns will pay QB Derek Anderson his $5 million roster bonus on Friday. That's a pretty good payoff for a quarterback who was benched last year and is not even guaranteed to be our starting quarterback.

"I don't think we've changed from when we first talked about it," team general manager George Kokinis said. "We're trying to get the best players on the team and he's one of them.

Especially as the draft approaches, whether fans like it or not, Anderson will play a critical role in this season.

  • If we definitively keep him outright, we're in for a quarterback competition that is sure to draw all of the Anderson haters.
  • We could get a fantastic deal -- such as a late first round or early second round pick.
  • We should get shafted, having to of paid $5 million for nothing more than a fourth- or fifth-round pick.

We've already been through those discussions though -- the purpose of this was simply to remind everyone that his bonus is due shortly.