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House Cleaning Continues: RT Kevin Shaffer Released


The surprises just keep on coming. Unlike the offseasons when Phil Savage was in charge though, almost all of the moves made by the new regime have brought out the same question: "Why?"

Why did we not give a more serious look at Jim Leonhard and Sean Jones?

Why are we signing nobody but former New York Jets?

Why did we quickly pass up on Joe Jurevicius returning this season, especially after losing Kellen Winslow already?

The latest one is this: why did we release RT Kevin Shaffer when we already have huge holes at two linebacker positions, safety, and wide receiver?

The OBR reported the following on the salary implications involving the release, which don't sound too bright either:

While the team will save $1.455 million of cap space by cutting Shaffer, they will also assume $4.56 of "dead" cap space due to bonuses rolled forward into this year.

I don't mind not having Shaffer as a starter next season. I would much rather see Ryan Tucker fill that position. Coming off an injury-plagued season though, and after the team had his salary reduced to the minimum for a veteran, what is going on? Reports indicate that Shaffer could still be re-signed by the Browns under a new contract:

...Shaffer is weighing a contract restructuring offer from the team and will decide by tonight whether to take it or enter free agency Friday morning, his agent told The Plain Dealer.


Shaffer had started in 47 of the past 48 games for the Browns at an offensive tackle position. In order, his production can probably be ranked best in 2007 (RT), second best in 2006 (LT), and worst this past season (RT). We still could re-sign him, but to take the risk of losing him in the first place tells me that we're not interested.

In other news, the Browns officially confirmed the signing of former Jets LB David Bowens today.