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DBN Big Board 2

After 388 votes, our Big Board looks like this:

1. Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest--1629 total points.

2. Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas--699 total points.

3. Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech--555 total points.

4. Beanie Wells, RB, the Ohio State University--461 total points.

5. Rey Maualuga, LB, University of Southern California--444 total points.

Players recieved 5 points for a 1st overall ranking, 4 for a 2nd and so on. 

Curry nabbed 280 out of 388 top rankings.  Maualuga, Orakpo, and Crabtree were all tied for second at 14 top rankings apiece.


On to the 6th through 10th positions on our DBN Big Board!  I will need to re-do the survey once it fills up with 100 votes, so please remember to only vote once.

Feel free to give scouting reports, tell people who you voted for, and talk about what your criteria are in the comments.