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Cleveland Browns Announce Preseason Schedule

It's not quite as exciting as the release of the regular season schedule, but the  confirmation of the teams we'll face in the preseason means the season is only getting closer.

Oddly, three of the Browns' four preseason opponents will be from the NFC North division this year. The Browns happen to be facing the entire NFC North conference this year in the regular season, so you can believe whatever you'd like to believe in terms of "competitive advantage".

Browns Preseason Opponents

  • Game 1: Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Game 2: Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Game 3: Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Game 4: Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears

Isn't it getting a little tiring playing the Lions and Bears almost every year in the preseason, as non-important as it may be?

Also, I have exciting news for those who haven't heard yet: the SB Nation network has received another upgrade.

You may have known we had individual player pages, but in the past, to find information on them (like stats), I'm sure you went to other websites (I know I did). The latest SB Nation upgrade has revamped player pages to include a lot more features, including my favorite of all -- career statistics! For example, check out Braylon Edwards' page. Each player page also has a small scouting report.

Granted, the statistics are far from being the best, but every step forward is a step in the right direction!