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SB Nation Mock Draft: Dawgs By Nature Selects SS Patrick Chung at No. 50

With a linebacker (Brian Orakpo) and a wide receiver (Percy Harvin) already on board for the Browns in this mock draft, there was one more position I wanted to address in the first two rounds.

No. 50


Pick by Dawgs By Nature

Patrick Chung
Strong safety


Some of you really had an interest in Patrick Chung, while others thought we could have gotten someone else of similar talent in a later round.

Chung would join a young Cleveland secondary. I would have preferred more veteran leadership, but since we're past that point, it's time to get excited for what Chung can bring to the table.

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That was our final pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft, since the mock only lasts two rounds. Overall, I would say that I was pleased with how things turned out. Sure, getting someone like Aaron Curry is the best-case scenario, and trading down from the No. 5 position is also intriguing, but I addressed three significant holes on our roster nonetheless.