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SB Nation Mock Draft: Who Should Cleveland Take in Round 2?

I'm going to be on the clock tomorrow night for Dawgs By Nature's second round draft choice in the Official SB Nation Mock Draft.

Head on over to our Detroit Lions affiliate, who has a nice table set up of all the picks made thus far. In the first round, I selected DE/OLB Brian Orakpo on behalf of Dawgs By Nature. More than half the people accepted that pick, but it wasn't the "home run" type of pick that LT Joe Thomas was two years earlier.

Please note that when you are reading this, RB Beanie Wells has not been drafted yet (he is the only person on rufio's draft board still available). Please do not suggest him, because I have a feeling that one of the teams in front of me will take him. If he's on the board, he will be a near-definite choice. But, I'm looking for the other options you would be interested in at that point, considering the board.

As always, follow the mock draft day-by-day over at Mocking the Draft!