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Peter King: Browns and Redskins Have Talked

The anticipation is building for the NFL Draft, which is less than a week away now. I continue dreading the thought of dealing Brady Quinn and Braylon Edwards, so Peter King's edition of Monday Morning Quarterback finally brought up the situation I do want to occur on draft day if LB Aaron Curry is not on the board: trade down.


[QB Mark] Sanchez feels like the pivot point. After Stafford goes one to Detroit and a tackle (Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe) two to the Rams, it's anyone's guess, starting with Kansas City. Seattle likes Sanchez and Michael Crabtree (and a tackle, maybe) at four.

I've heard Cleveland (picking fifth) and Washington have already discussed a deal if Sanchez is still on the board at five. I don't expect Sanchez to be there at five.


The Redskins have the 13th overall pick in the draft. Without looking at the exact trade chart values, I wouldn't mind taking the Redskins' third round pick at No. 80 and a second- or third-round pick next year in a three-picks-for-one trade (we could toss in a fifth-rounder or something too).

While the odds of Sanchez still being available at No. 5 aren't great, there are a lot of scenarios I could see unfolding that have him on the board still. At No. 13, it's a toss up on whether we'd get the type of impact player we want too without feeling like we're "reaching" either.

I don't see the trade happening at this point, but it's something to keep an eye on.