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Draft Primer: What to Expect from the Cleveland Browns this Weekend

After months of waiting for the draft, I think I'll be more relieved that an end can be put to all of the ridiculous speculation we've had to deal with. Of course, I'm referring to all of the rumors that have had us trading Brady Quinn or Braylon Edwards. In short, this has been our offseason since head coach Eric Mangini has taken over:

  • Shaun Rogers is pissed off at Mangini
  • Kellen Winslow is dealt to Tampa Bay
  • Derek Anderson is being shopped around
  • Braylon Edwards might be on the move next, to the Giants
  • The team is intrigued by Anderson and wants a QB competition
  • Shaun Rogers makes up with Mangini
  • Talks of trading Edwards to the Giants have stalled
  • Brady Quinn might be on the move for a first rounder
  • Talks of trading Edwards to the Giants are now red hot
  • It's pretty much a done deal -- the Browns are in love with Crabtree, and Edwards is gone
  • The Giants are more interested in drafting a WR because we're asking for too much
  • Talks of trading Quinn are not realistic
  • The Jets might be interested in Quinn on draft day
  • Shaun Rogers is traded...

...OK, maybe that last one didn't happen. But, with how ridiculous these up and down rumors have been, you never know what to expect on draft day. The draft is all about predictions though, so today, I'm going to do a list of what I think might happen on draft day. Keep in mind that in the SB Nation Mock Draft, I took LB Brian Orakpo, WR Percy Harvin, and S Patrick Chung...

Thoughts on the Browns and the draft this weekend

  1. I really hope that LB Aaron Curry falls to the Browns. Recent mock drafts has seen his stock falling as various quarterbacks see their stocks rising. Curry should be projected as less of a risk than Orakpo in terms of our system.
  2. I don't think we will move out of the fifth spot unless a team at No. 6 through No. 8 wants to move up a few spots. At that point, we still have options to draft one of three players (not including Curry) I think the Browns are interested in, considering their position: DT B.J. Raji, LB Brian Orakpo, and WR Michael Crabtree.
  3. I do not expect WR Braylon Edwards or QB Brady Quinn to be moved. It just doesn't add up when you consider that we would ultimately be losing two of our best offensive players in exchange for having to hope that rookies pan out. You can argue all you want about Edwards dropping passes last season, but I refuse to dismiss him for one bad season considering the potential I believe he has.
  4. I am half-expecting that QB Derek Anderson will be traded on Day 1, meaning we could have three second-round picks. That would give us the luxury of a "free pick" almost to take a flier on a player the staff might believe is a stud running back.
  5. I would love to see the Browns gets Cleveland State basketball player J'Nathan Bullock, but our latest draft pick is at No. 177 overall in the sixth round, and I don't see him going that early.
  6. Speaking of picks, this is what we currently have:
    • Round 1: No. 5 overall
    • Round 2: No. 36 overall
    • Round 2: No. 50 overall
    • Round 4: No. 104 overall
    • Round 6: No. 177 overall
    After three picks for an eventful Day 1, Day 2 it set to be a little less eventful.
  7. Center is a position that was fairly weak last year, as I found myself becoming less confident in Hank Fraley's abilities. I think it would be a great bargain if center Alex Mack is available when we pick at No. 36 -- so much so that I might even root for the Browns to find a way to trade up into the end of the first round to get him. I hate giving up draft picks in future years, but that's what it would take to make that happen.
  8. So, in my ideal draft so far, I have the Browns taking LB Aaron Curry and C Alex Mack. For our final Day 1 pick, that still leaves the safety position and the wide receiver position open. Deciding which position to choose is very difficult for me, something I didn't have to worry about in the SB Nation mock draft when I had WR Percy Harvin instead of Mack at No. 36 (I don't actually see Harvin lasting that long). Right now, I guess I'd lean more towards having S Patrick Chung. Curry, Mack, Chung = a Day 1 victory in my books. Orakpo, Harvin, Chung isn't so bad either.
  9. On Day 1: no tight ends, no quarterbacks, no cornerbacks. I'm on the fence at the right tackle position, but I could live with that because a hole is there. Running back is somewhat iffy too, which is why I suggested earlier that we take one only if we can move Anderson.
  10. If we do trade Shaun Rogers, you might not see me around for a couple of days while I let as much steam off as possible. However, I'm very confident that we will not be moving him.
  11. Some people complained about me taking Orakpo in the mock draft over B.J. Raji. Just to be clear, the two might as well be a coin flip for me. I would be equally happy with either one of them.
  12. The first day of the draft is April 25th, and it starts at 4:00 PM. That will consist of the first two rounds. On April 26th, rounds 3-7 will conclude, starting at 10:00 AM.

On both days, I will be doing my best to live blog the draft -- not only our picks, but my general thoughts on everyone else's picks. SB Nation will also have a couple of our NFL bloggers LIVE at the NFL Draft with press passes, so if they are able to pass along any exclusive information, I will relay that to you as well.