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Browns Trade Down Again, Finally Pick

When the Cleveland Browns were on the clock for the second time in the 1st round, they traded down again. 

The trade:

Browns Get:

-19th overall pick

-191st overall pick


Tampa Bay Gets:

-17th overall pick


Not as exciting as our first trade, but I'll take the extra pick.


Then, when on the clock for the third time in the 1st round, they traded down again

The trade:

Browns Get:

-21st overall pick

-194th overall pick


Philly Gets:

-19th overall pick


6th round, here we come!


While at 21, the Browns finally chose Alex Mack, Center, from Cal.


A little background on Mack:

2004: Cal red-shirts Mack. 2005: Appears in a back-up role, seeing reps mostly in a mop up duty. 2006-07: Mack starts all 26 games. 2008: He once again starts all 13 games. He wins the Morris Trophy as the best offensive lineman in the Pac-10 (as voted by league's defensive linemen) for the second year in a row, just the third player to receive the award twice.


Simplified scouting report:

  • 6'3 7/8", 311lbs.
  • Strong with a mean streak
  • Decent but not elite agility
  • Over-aggressive if anything in his technique

Personally, I am alright with this pick.  I have wanted Mack on the Browns for a while.  I love that he didn't drop to the Steelers.  I do wonder why we passed on LBs like Rey Maualuga and Clay Matthews III, but at the rate many of them are falling, someone good has got to be there for the 36th pick.


You may comment here, but let's keep the discussion going in our draft day threads.  I will be opening a second draft thread after the 32nd pick.