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Cleveland Browns 2009 NFL Draft Day 2 - Open Thread / Live Blog

The Browns don't have a pick in the third round -- at least not yet -- but they very well could move up after three first-round trades yesterday. Or, when we're on the clock in the fourth round, we could move down to own the entire sixth round of picks!

12:20 PM: No action for the Browns in the third round, though it's worth noting that the Cincinnati Bengals were able to get Michael Johnson at that point.

12:30 PM: Round four, the Browns select USC linebacker Kaluka Maiava at No. 104 overall.

12:53 PM: We're probably in for a boring stretch here. The Browns aren't scheduled to pick again in the fourth round or the fifth round. Right now, this is what we're facing in round six:

  • Round Six: No. 177 overall
  • Round Six: No. 191 overall
  • Round Six: No. 195 overall

2:00 PM: Round 4 has just ended, meaning we're still a little over a round away from the Browns being on the clock again. RB Rashad Jennings is still available. Personally, when Round 6 rolls around, I think I'll be on J'Nathan Bullock watch.

2:22 PM: I just read that Maiava, our fourth-round draft choice, is the nephew of The Rock (Dwayne Johnson, formerly of the WWE). Not that it means anything, I just like reading about connections.

3:57 PM: All right, I stared at the draft tracker for a long time, but no trades involving the Browns came. The sixth round is finally here, and we should be on the clock shortly.

4:08 PM: The Browns took CB Don Carey from Norfolk St. at No. 177 overall. Can't say I know a single thing about him yet. Two more sixth-round picks to follow (see above for schedule).

This is an open thread for Day 2 of the NFL Draft. Please keep all (or most) of today's draft discussion here.