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Media Grades the Cleveland Browns Draft

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Grading the a team's draft can usually be broken down into three steps:

  1. Right after the draft
  2. One season after the draft
  3. Three seasons after the draft

In the first case, the grades are the most unfair since they depend largely on hype. In the second case, the grade might be a little more accurate, but many rookies either underachieve, overachieve, or receive no playing time in their first season. Three years down the road, when you can actually see where the player stands (starter, backup, free agent wire), the grade can be supported with more facts.

Since we can't zoom three years into the future, we'll have to settle for what various "experts" around the league think.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports - C

- Best pick: I love the pick of receiver Brian Robiskie in the second round. He will be a starter as a rookie.
- Questionable move: Trading down as much as they did and not quite getting the value they deserved. The Jets got the better of them in that deal for the fifth pick.
- Second-day gem: Sixth-round pick James Davis was a highly rated back a year ago, but he struggled as a senior. There is talent there.
- Summary: I like some of their picks, but they didn't get enough in their trade downs.

Mel Kiper, ESPN - B-

Alex Mack was a good pick at No. 21 and Mohamed Massaquoi was a very good pickup in the second round. I think fellow second-rounder David Veikune was a bit of a reach in that round, but not enough of one to seriously dent the Browns' grade. They didn't get a great receiver in Brian Robiskie in the second round, but he's polished enough as a rookie that he could be a solid possession guy for this franchise.

Larry Weisman, USA Today - B

Creative deal-making allowed the Browns to load up on picks and players from the New York Jets that coach Eric Mangini likes. C Alex Mack was the best at his position, solidifies problem area, but may have gone a tad early at 21. Both receivers, Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi, will contribute quickly and Robiskie may start. LB/DE David Veikune may lack a true position, should get first look as rush end in 4-3 sub package.

John Czarnecki, FOX Sports - C

There's a good chance that Eric Mangini's former employer, the Jets, picked the Browns' pocket. Cleveland didn't get enough value for the fifth overall spot in the first round from the Jets, unless you really love Jets safety Abram Elam, DE Kenyon Coleman and third-string QB Brett Ratliff. Well, Mangini does love those players and that's why he pulled the trigger on the draft's biggest trade. The Rams may not be the best judge, but they passed on these same players.

Cal center Alex Mack should eventually be a starter and the fans had to love Buckeyes WR Brian Robiskie in the second round. Hawaii's David Veikune is a project at outside linebacker, but he does have power and good hands.

RotoWorld / MSNBC - A-

Eric Mangini hasn’t made many fans in Cleveland, but this weekend should help win them over. They brilliantly moved down the draft board, grabbing three extra picks and three veterans. This was the perfect strategy for a thin roster in a deep draft without stars. Center Alex Mack, wideout Brian Robiskie, and OLB David Veikune all should help right away. Fourth-rounder Kaluka Maiava could be a steal out of USC.

They didn’t get an A for two reasons: They may regret passing on Mark Sanchez and they didn’t improve their pass rush enough.

Over at Mocking the Draft, they have compiled a general "grade" when collaborating several different sources. According to that grade, the Browns had the 21st best draft, scoring a 2.56 (the same as a C+).