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Browns Set to Host Several Prospects, Including Brian Orakpo and Jason Smith

The Browns will be hosting the following players next week, according to the Plain Dealer:

  • RB Knowshon Moreno - Not interested in a RB in round one.
  • WR Jeremy Maclin - If we were going to take a WR, it would've been Crabtree, right?
  • OT Jason Smith - This could be the sleeper one. I don't really want a right tackle, but there's no doubt that we'd be pretty much set at the tackle positions for a long time.
  • LB Brian Orakpo - I picked him in the SB Nation mock draft, and I still stand by the pick. However, I'm still not "in love" with him either.
  • LB Rey Maualuga - Maybe if we trade down.
  • DB Malcolm Jenkins - The Browns will actually visit him at OSU, and he could end up being a surprise pick to address the hole at safety (hopefully not at No. 5 though).

Other News:

  • Head on over to the OBR Blogs and check out Mr. McBride's rant on Branson Wright of the Plain Dealer. Wright, a Plain Dealer writer, recently credited our Kansas City Cheifs affiliate, Arrowhead Pride, as the source of an Edwards-to-KC rumor. In reality though, it was not a rumor -- it was just fans speculating for the sake of speculating.
  • Tomorrow at 6 PM, Dawgs By Nature's Round 2 pick will be up on Mocking the Draft. I took all of your comments into consideration for the pick, but then...something happen. The Jay Cutler deal forced a partial re-draft of Round 1, and because of that, a few more players ended up becoming available. I may have selected one of those players despite them not being suggested in our DBN thread, and I hope none of you will scrutinize me for it ;)

After the pick is posted, I'll open up discussion for who we should select with our other second-round pick.