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SB Nation Mock Draft: Dawgs By Nature Selects WR Percy Harvin at No. 36

Stop the presses (not really), because our second pick for the Cleveland Browns in the SB Nation Mock Draft is Florida WR Percy Harvin.

No. 36


Pick by Dawgs By Nature

Percy Harvin
Wide receiver


Why the selection? Besides the fact that it's a steal, ...

Percy Harvin not only aids the Browns' receiving woes, he adds some much-needed spark. It's been awhile since Cleveland has had a receiver who was elusive and could create yardage after the catch (that was supposed to be Stallworth, but he failed miserably). In a way, Harvin can be seen as a player who can be utilized in the ways fans had been hoping Joshua Cribbs would be used as a WR the past several years. Like the previous regime though, I think Eric Mangini and company will find it critical to ensure Cribbs is focused on doing what he does best -- special teams.

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Before the Donte Stallworth incident, I didn't see myself making this pick so early. Even though the situation forced me into this pick, I still like the thought of what a guy like Harvin can contribute to this team.

Note, Harvin was originally taken early on by the Minnesota Vikings in round one. After the Jay Cutler deal and a partial re-draft, Harvin ended up slipping down to the Browns.

You may discuss the pick here, or at Mocking the Draft. Either way, be sure to visit Mocking the Draft to read my full reasoning in choosing Harvin. Also, feel free to continue discussing who I should select with Dawgs By Nature's later second round selection.