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Brady Quinn has Early "Edge" on Derek Anderson

I don't believe we are going to see a true quarterback controversy/competition this offseason. Nonetheless, without a starter named yet under the new regime, QB Brady Quinn has struck first. According to the Eric Mangini, Quinn has captained the first team this week in minicamp.

"That's because he's done a really outstanding job in the offseason program," Mangini said today. "Not that Derek [Anderson] hasn't done well, but [Quinn] had the edge so he took the first reps. There's no overwhelming significance to that."

Mangini is keeping all possibilities open though, including the thought of having Brett Ratliff or Richard Bartel run the first team:

"I'm going to look at that position completely," Mangini said. "It's one of those things where he'll get opportunities and there will be a rotation. There will be some days where any of the four quarterbacks can be the one. But right now my primary focus is with Brady and Derek."

No matter what fluff he says to the media, I think it's pretty clear that the guy you choose to run your team right off the bat is the guy you envision being your quarterback during the 2009-2010 campaign.

Sources: Cleveland Plain Dealer, the OBR

The OBR also indicated that Joshua Cribbs showed up in Berea this morning to attend a full team meeting. However, at this point, it is unclear as to whether Cribbs will actually participate in practice (I'd say that unless he likes what he hears in contract development, he won't be practicing).