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Sunday Round-Up: Pluto Favors Quinn, Silver Paints Mangini as Villain

Once again, Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto seems to agree with many of us by stating that Mangini's comments over the course of minicamp give the indication that Brady Quinn is "the guy". As Pluto stated, "In the past, Mangini seemed to be trying to win an award for making the most vague, meaningless comments about his quarterbacks. Not this time."

As far as the Browns once giving the indication that they were interested in trading Quinn? Pluto believes it was all a ploy:

"I believe the Browns wanted other teams to think they might deal Quinn, because the Browns wanted to trade down from the No. 5 pick. If trading Quinn was a possibility, then so was drafting USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. Enough teams thought the Browns might grab Sanchez that the Browns were able to dump out of a high pick, get the player they wanted at No. 21 in Alex Mack, and added some veterans who should start in safety Abram Elam and defensive end Kenyon Coleman. They also picked up linebacker Dave Veikune in the second round, and a couple of sixth-rounders, too."

-Terry Pluto, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Pluto also provided some insight on several of the Browns rookies:

"In workouts, Brian Robiskie has come as advertised. He's smart, runs routes quickly, creates space to get open and shows excellent hands, especially in the end zone. The Browns have been impressed with Mohamed Massaquoi's ability to get open downfield, and think he is strong enough to handle cornerbacks who try to knock him off his routes. The Browns knew second-rounder David Veikune has speed to get around some linemen from the outside and rush the passer -- but they have liked how he's looked at inside linebacker -- he seems to have the strength to take on some guards and help clog the middle."

-Terry Pluto, Cleveland Plain Dealer

For more of Pluto's Sunday piece, including his thoughts on the Joshua Cribbs' situation, Jerome Harrison, Braylon Edwards, and more on Brady Quinn and the quarterback situation, click here.

Unfortunately, Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports doesn't share the same, glowing remarks about the new regime that many of us do. He slams Mangini based on incidents with Shaun Rogers, Shaun Smith, and Joshua Cribbs.

Finally, Tony Grossi also has a nice article in today's Plain Dealer regarding his thoughts on minicamp. Here are some quick highlights:

  • Brian Robiskie is the early favorite to be the No. 2 receiver based on the plays he's making. "...Robiskie didn't hurt his chances with two TD catches from Brady Quinn in red-zone drills. Robiskie dived to make one in the left corner and caught another underneath coverage inside the goal line. Yes, Robiskie looks as polished as advertised."
  • With the first string, more often it was Rex Hadnot that was seen at left guard quite often over Eric Steinbach. Remember that rumor from a Cincinnati writer a few months ago about Steinbach possibly being a surprise cut?
  • Grossi was surprised to see Alex Hall with the first unit over David Bowens, considering that Eric Barton, C.J. Mosley, and Kenyon Coleman were in the lineup.
  • Andy Simms, agent of Cleveland State product J'Nathan Bulluck, stated that the Browns did show a lot of interest in bringing Bulluck in as a tight end. They ultimately chose the Jets because they had less depth at tight end on their roster.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be playing Game 3 against the Orlando Magic tonight. For all of your Cavalier needs, remember to head on over to Fear the Sword!