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Minicamp Notes: Quinn's Playing Time, Harrison's Role, Steinbach Situation, and More

Members of the local media are now having the privilege of viewing the minicamp sessions, and they've been busy. Here is a cliff notes version on reports from the Plain Dealer, Canton Repository, Akron Beacon Journal, and the OBR:

  • QB Competition: Although we have proclaimed Brady Quinn as the player favored to start this season, Mangini is still being fair to Derek Anderson and holding a "competition". There was no winner in that competition Thursday, as both quarterbacks were pretty awful, according to Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Rep.

    Quinn had a flat pass picked off and taken the distance by CB Don Carey. CB Coye Francies also had a pick six on a lock return. Anderson had several passes that were easily tipped by defenders, or would have been interceptions had the offensive player not broken the play up. Doerschuk didn't know who was on the receiving end of it, but at one point, Anderson yelled, “He doesn’t know what he’s (expletive) doing.”
  • Edwards With Catch of the Day: It shouldn't be a surprise that Braylon Edwards is excelling in camp; he had a tremendous training camp last season before bombing in the regular season. Doerschuk reports that he had the catch of the day, catching a deep jump ball over Brandon McDonald and Hamza Abdullah for a touchdown.
  • Rucker Lazy: Doerschuk notes that with respect to penalty laps, when TE Martin Rucker received one earlier in the week, he barely ran. When Brady Quinn was assessed a penalty lap, he ran it out.
  • Patten a Coach: Veteran WR David Patten is acting as the vocal leader/encourager, giving props to the young players for good plays, as well as guiding them through the details of the play.
  • Using Cribbs Correctly: The plays designed for Cribbs? Quick slant routes where he can catch the ball and then take off for the races.
  • Harrison Used More Often: Coach Eric Mangini gave the impression that Jerome Harrison will be used more often on first and second downs than he was in the past this season.

    "You can work the running back rotation a lot of different ways," Mangini said. "I've done it different styles in New York, where Leon (Washington) was able to take some first and second down reps off the starter. How that's going to play out we'll just have to see and try to get the best mix."
  • Newcomers Role: Cornerback Roderick Hood has jumped right into the No. 1 nickel role in practice. That isn't to say he'll stay there; it still seems likely that he'll compete for a starting role.
  • New Offensive Line: Mangini continues to emphasize that he is using a rep chart rather than a depth chart. So, having an offensive line of Joe Thomas, Floyd Womack, Alex Mack, Rex Hadnot and Ryan Tucker shouldn't cause us to jump to conclusions. Below, you'll find a link regarding guard Eric Steinbach and his weight. He has reportedly gained 12 pounds already, due to Mangini's wishes that he "bulk up".
  • Possession Receiver: Steve King of the OBR thinks that Mike Furrey looks and is playing the part of a possession receiver already; a Joe Jurevicius replacement.


Organized team activities (OTAs) begin next week. The media will have access to that, so there should be plenty of more tidbits to report on!