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Is Eric Steinbach Going Somewhere? I Doubt It...

I just caught this story now, even though it was released Sunday afternoon. Chuck Ludwig of the Dayton Daily News decided to talk about (or rather, "trash") the Cleveland Browns on his blog.

Past the part where he disses our owner, head coach, and quarterbacks, he has a tidbit on offensive lineman Eric Steinbach:

And my sources in Cleveland tell me that Eric Steinbach is in deep trouble. Eric Mangini likes big, bruising maulers on the offensive line.

Steinbach doesn’t fit the mold. He’s more finesse. I look for Steinbach to get released after the 2009 season. If fact, with his fat contract, he’ll be fortunate to make the 53-man roster. Don’t be shocked if he gets terminated before the ‘09 opener.


So, because Mangini likes big, bruising maulers on the offensive line, he's just going to throw away one of the league's better guards? I don't think so. There were some moves that were questionable, but understandable (trading Winslow, releasing Kevin Shaffer) -- ditching Steinbach would just be -- out there.