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George McDonald Promoted to Wide Receivers Coach

Rough Timeline of Events:

-New coaching staff, no receivers coach

-No depth at receiver

-No receiver activity in free agency

-Acquire a bunch of receivers out of the blue

-Name our receivers coach

The lucky holder of that job is George McDonald, who was promoted from offensive quality control coach. He was hired for that position on February 11, and was the most predictable choice for the team's receivers coach. While McDonald has some experience at the college level as a receivers coach, he does not have the experience at the NFL level.

In other news, Pete Prisco released his first Power Rankings of the year a few days ago. (Cue eye roll from many of you). The Browns have the beloved 30th ranking, with the Oakland Raiders even being ahead of us:

New coach Eric Mangini will build this team the way he wants it. But one has to wonder if that's a good thing considering his Jets history.

You can read the full list of rankings here.