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DBN Training Camp Coverage Schedule

My goal at Dawgs By Nature is to ensure that over the next few weeks, the only things you'll have to look forward to isn't hearing "Alex Mack signs a lucrative deal". Training camp is over a month away, and that gives us just enough time to start reviewing the Browns' roster and depth charts in the mean time.

I have set up a tentative schedule of how things will go. Two positions will be described per week, with a common theme between the positions. The designated days aren't the only ones that the positions can be discussed, but hopefully this will help provide proper direction:

Week 1: Offensive Attack

  • Quarterback (June 21 to June 23)
  • Running Back (June 24 to June 27)

Week 2: Down in the Trenches

  • Defensive Line (June 28 - June 30)
  • Offensive Line (July 1 - July 4)

Week 3: See Ball, Catch Ball...and Block

  • Wide Receiver (July 5 - July 9)
  • Tight End (July 10 - July 11)

Week 4: Hard Hitting and Klutch Kicks

  • Linebacker (July 12 - July 16)
  • Special Teams (July 17 - July 18)

Week 5: Cover the Field

  • Safety (July 19 - July 21)
  • Cornerback (July 22 - July 25)

Week 6: Pre-Camp Huddle

  • Wrapping everything together before training camp starts, including more roster projections, how our team differs from a year ago, and much, much more (July 26 - July 31)

Week 7 Onward: Training Camp Begins

  • Mark your calendars: on August 1, training camp officially begins for the Cleveland Browns.

I am looking for contributions from multiple people who would like to do a special "piece" during the designated days of a certain position. I will be doing a general write-up of everyone competing for a roster spot at each position, along with other things sprinkled in, but I am welcoming extra help, whether they be analytical or comedic (i.e. a story on the specific expectations of Beau Bell, a poem on how Jerome Harrison was never utilized by Crennel).

Pretty much all topics are open, the pieces do not need to be extraordinarily long, and you don't need to write more than one piece. If you're interested, pitch your idea to me at

Also, if you don't feel like writing, please leave suggestions for potential pieces you would like to see over the next few weeks.

Twitter is also a popular feature these days. I haven't gotten into it personally, but if it can be valuable to the community, I will try having a Twitter feed for DBN throughout training camp. Please vote in the poll below for your Twitter thoughts.